Step into the world of timeless adventure and futuristic fun with CoinMcFly, the Solana Memecoin that channels the spirit of the beloved cult classic, ‘Back to the Future.’ Inspired by the iconic duo, Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown, CoinMcFly blends nostalgia with innovation to offer a thrilling ride through the crypto universe.

Whether you're a die-hard fan of the 'Back to the Future' franchise, a savvy investor seeking an affordable memecoin with boundless potential, or simply someone eager to explore new horizons in the ever-evolving crypto landscape, CoinMcFly has something for everyone. CoinMcFly could be a 100x Solana meme coin.

With its Solana blockchain foundation, CoinMcFly brings lightning-fast transactions and scalability to the forefront, ensuring seamless and efficient trading experiences for users.
Max Supply
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Market Cap
We are in Presale

Buy now before it's too late

CoinMcFly is currently on pre-sale at This means that everyone still has the opportunity to buy or trade the $CMF at a favorable price.

When the market cap reaches $55,615 the presale ends. The entire liquidity (LP) of the token will then be paid into Raydium and burned. The price of CoinMcFly can rise significantly as a result.
How it works

3 Phase Model

Phase 1 - Presale

At the beginning, as with most tokens, there is a presale so that everyone can buy the $CMF for little money. 0% Buy or Sell Taxes. The tokens are credited directly to your Phantom, Solflare etc. Wallet after purchase.
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Phase 2 - DEX Listing

After the successful presale and when a market cap of around $56,000 has been reached, $CMF is automatically transferred to the Raydium DEX and the liquidity (LP) is burned. The price of $CMF can rise significantly as a result.
Go to Raydium (coming soon)

Phase 3 - CEX Listing

The third and final phase is about being able to offer CoinMcFly on centralized exchanges. This will only work if phases 1 and 2 are successful and all prerequisites are fulfilled. More information will follow in the $CMF blog.
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CoinMcFly Tokenomics

Presale 85%
85% of CMF are on Presale 85%
Development 5%
Marketing 5%
CEX Listing 5%

Marketing Plan


We are currently working with some influencers to create and publish CoinMcFly Youtube videos so that we can reach a wide range of potential investors.
Click here for an example video from the Youtube channel Crypto Flo

Press Releases

Several large press releases are planned for the best-known crypto sites. We hope that the press releases will raise the profile of CoinMcFly on the market.

Classic Advertising

Old but Gold. We have currently launched several advertising campaigns. These include banner advertising on various pages. We will expand the ads to reach more people.

Blog News

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we are a memecoin

Let's look at some Back to the Future memes together


The CoinMcFly $CMF token is inspired by the movie Back to the Future. However, CoinMcFly has nothing to do with Universal Pictures and its actors. $CMF could be a 100x Solana Meme Coin but CMF is a Memecoin with no intrinsic value and no prospect of a financial return. The coin is completely useless and only serves as entertainment. This is not financial advice! Investments in cryptocurrencies are usually associated with a high risk of loss. Therefore, only invest in cryptocurrency with the money you don't need.